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The most powerful voter relationship management (VRM) / constituent relationship management (CoRM) platform in the market today

the voter-centric BigData platform

Campaign Synergy was built from the ground up and is revolutionary in its architecture, accommodating BigData analytics along with machine learning capabilities to handle massive amounts of data using the latest technologies. Unlike any other VRM/ CoRM product, Campaign Synergy’s platform is designed to give you the edge in understanding your constituents like never before.

The Campaign Synergy platform allows you to easily merge your existing data with new data to provide unique insights into voters. Insights are then combined to understand your voters. All this information is used to map constituent issues and help you engage effectively with your voters on a personal level. This will allow you to solidify and strengthen existing support and to penetrate and persuade new voters toward your party’s policies.

Campaign Synergy also has one of the most powerful built-in polling systems. Polling can be conducted within the platform without having the need to use outside services. We provide multiple ways to poll, including online, text messaging, phone as well as through popular social media platforms. The results are aggregated into the Campaign Synergy platform in real-time. In addition, all polling data can be combined with existing datasets (i.e. historical polling results, 3rd party polling results etc.) to provide real-time insights into voters.

Campaign Synergy is the most powerful constituent relationship management platform in the market today. The scalability and agility of the Campaign Synergy platform in handling massive amounts of data and providing real-time analytics and statistics, are unmatched in the industry. We encourage you to look at the features and functionality section for more details.


The following are some of the key components of the CampaignSynergy platform

BigData Analytics

Provides real-time data analytics of structured and unstructured data to gain in-depth knowledge of your campaign and voters

Real-time Statistics

Statistics are provided in real-time through the dashboard on key configurable matrices to track progress in the field and online

Fastest Data migration

Import and export massive amounts of data faster than in any other system due to our proprietary solution that gives you the edge to quickly adapt to changes

Email intelligence

Beyond providing targeted emailing capabilities, the CampaignSynergy platform allows you to understand and analyse key data, such as response and support rate

SMS intelligence

Text messages have a 98% read rate. CampaignSynergy provides you the intelligence to establish, engage and improve voter relations

Canvassing Integration

No longer does your volunteer force have to do critical canvassing work with out of date tools. CampaignSynergy provides an App based real-time integrated solution for accurate information tracking and data entry

App integration

Custom App allows you to access the information in real-time. Profile based access allows granular user control and focused workflow allows for optimized performance


CampaignSynergy uses the latest technologies in providing multi-layered secure profile based access to the platform


Design and conduct instant polling via various methods including online, SMS, phone as well as social media, then analyse the results in real-time

Grassroot Engagement

Focused on maintaining and growing grass-root support by providing seamless engagement options from fundraising to policy shaping.


Thinking of running for election?

If you are planning to run for election, it is critical for you to build your base of volunteers and supporters. Campaign Synergy has a specific pre-election strategy module to get you up and running fast!

Have already won your election?

Winning the election once isn’t a guarantee of being re-elected. Helping you stay engaged and connected to your constituents is the key to re-election. We are proud to say Campaign Synergy is the only platform with a specific post-election strategy module.


Every account is handled by a dedicated Account Executive along with a Technical Consultant, providing tailored support at all times

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